Sunday, September 23, 2012

{Memphis}: Cooper Young Festival 2012

It is no secret that I love Memphis. And I love Midtown. And then there's my love of arts and crafts. So when all of these things collide, you get the Cooper Young Festival. Located in one of Midtown's trendiest neighborhoods, Cooper Young Festival is full of hundreds of booths selling art, jewelry, handmade crafts, and more. In addition, there are civic engagement booths, lots of food (and beer!), games for kids, and local musicians. It is a happening place to be and I never miss it!

This year Brie and I went to Cooper Young together (parking at her house makes the festival a little easier, not gonna lie). It was a beautiful day and I snapped some pictures of my favorite booths to share.

The first booth we fell in love with was furniture, frames, and decor made from reclaimed wood. I loved this table below:

And this cooler stand was just so precious.

The booth was from two guys together, Chris of Antebellums and his friend.

The next booth had fun typography prints and artwork. This booth was run by sisters Kristen and Lindsey Archer. Lindsey did all the typography prints and has an etsy site. Kristen did the photography.

After that we stopped by one of my favorite booths from last year, Andrea Manard. For my birthday last year Brie got me a little block print of three owls from her and so it was fun to see her back and check out her new stuff. Andrea uses a lot of maps in her work, which I love. Here's her etsy: . I love the sailboat in the bottom left and also a map of Tennessee in the shape of Tennessee she had.

After that we found another favorite from last year, Painted by Holly. Holly does watercolors and portraits and sells her work as originals, prints, notecards, magnets, and bookmarks. Last year I got a print of her Beale Street watercolor and this year Brie and I both fell in love with Holly's collages. Brie got the Midtown collage and I got both the Midtown collage and a UT collage:

We browsed and walked around a lot more and mostly just enjoyed the pretty day and catching up with each other. When I got back home Brie texted me that she snuck back and got me a birthday present so I went back over to check it out - turns out she was sneaky and noticed I loved this Andrea Manard piece below while we were at that booth and so she went back and got it!

I love it so much - love the map, love the quote, love the colors. What a thoughtful friend.

Once I got my art home it was time to hang it up and enjoy my little slice of Memphis.

Just for fun, here's my CYF post from 2011:

In art, friends, and fun,


Allison said...

oh such great finds!!! cooper young is the best!

Anonymous said...

So glad you stopped by our booth! Thanks so much for the mention!!


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