Monday, September 24, 2012

{House}: Art update.

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I got three pieces of art at this year's Cooper Young Festival. The next day I was so excited that I got Jake to let me use his one day off of the week as a work day around the house. We went to Target and got my go-to frames and then came home and hung up the art!

Jake's not going to like this picture but isn't he being so patient and sweet? He listened to where I wanted the pictures and then hung them for me. He also fixed my leg of my new hutch (on the floor in the front of the picture):

And the new art - the Andrea Manard birthday present from Brie:

And the Painted by Holly collages in the corner of the den, across from their Beale Street print sister:

And while I'm sharing, for my birthday Beth gave me the most precious piece of art. It is a blue Ball mason jar painted vibrantly on a piece of reclaimed hardwood floor. And the best part? It is by a Memphis artist that she happened upon in Knoxville. The artist is Beth Meadows - she has an etsy and a website.

Little by little I'm cultivating quite the little collection of art. And I love it.

In being artsy fartsy,

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