Sunday, September 2, 2012

{Memphis}: Billy Moore Folk Art.

I love bright colors, local flavor, and collecting things. All lend themselves well to an obsession with Billy Moore Folk Art. It all started a few years ago when Trolley Stop opened and our friends came home with one of Billy Moore's cotton inspired folk art pieces. We went and got our first piece, which was a house with two red trees on a piece of square wood, and were hooked.

Since then we've gotten two others to add to the collection of square folk art pieces - one of a city scape at the Cooper Young Festival last year and more recently a cotton field with girls dancing that I got at More than Words in Germantown.

I follow Billy on facebook (and you should too) and he recently posted a picture of a painting he was doing for Bryant's to thank them for letting him hang his paintings in the restaurant. Y'all know how we feel about Bryant's in our house - biscuits = life. So when I saw this, I knew I wanted to see if Billy could make one for Jake. He goes there with his bro' buddies on Saturdays and so Bryant's is pretty special to us. Luckily Billy was more than happy to make one for us - it is on canvas and is bigger than our squares we have from him.

We were very excited to pick it up and can't wait to hang it in our house.

Also recently we turned a friend into a Billy Moore disciple. Beth came in town two weekends ago to visit with our college friends and ended up buying three pieces at Trolley Stop:

She blogged about the new art over at her blog here. You can see how she displayed her new pieces.

We also got to see more of Billy Moore's pieces because he had a booth this past weekend at the Music and Hertiage Festival downtown. He seemed to be doing well and I was really digging his stuff, particularly the turquoise house on the window pane in the top left of this picture below and one of his square pieces that had a church and the words "Do Lord Remember Me" (a nod to my church camp love).

So if you want a piece of local art that is unique and colorful, definitely check out Billy Moore. He'll be at the Cooper Young Festival on Saturday, September 15th but you can always visit his facebook site or email him - .

In supporting local artists,
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Unknown said...

This is awesome! I'm a good artist friend of Billy's on with him and love his stuff just as much as you do. :)



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