Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Craft This}: Paint Chip Art.

Paint chip artwork is all the rage on Pinterest right now. The premise is simple. Take paint chips from your hardware store and create free artwork. When I blogged back in July about updating our master bedroom, I talked about changing out the art in the gallery frames on our wall. This seemed like the perfect place to try out the paint chip art.

What I did was incredibly simple. I used frames I already had, grabbed several shades of the yellow that I use in my house (a bees-wax or straw yellow), making sure to go way lighter and way darker for contrast, and then started playing.

First I took out the old art - for the small frames this was a dried leaf set. Beamer was helping...
(oh and of course I was on Pinterest at the time - are you surprised?!)

The small frames got a bunting pattern on cream cardstock. I used baker's twine (Martha Stewart brand) and cut the paint chips into triangles. I used two chips of the same color for this one.

If you look closely, the printing on the paint chip is on one of each frame, just giving it a little paint-chip-flair, if there is such a thing.

Then for the larger frames I did an ombre effect, just putting the chips into the frame layered so you could see all three (and making sure that you can see the paint name for that same paint-chip-ness as the others, give it some street cred, ya know?).

So for $0, I got four pieces of crafty-art-ness. (There's a second of the ombre ones).

Now I need to get something done for the middle frames (they are 8X10's) and my wall will be updated!

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