Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Memphis Weekend

I love September. I love it not only because it is my birthday, but also because it is genuinely my favorite month. The change from summer (my favorite season) to fall (my next favorite season), the blue skies, the groove of a new school year, the football, and the fun events - it is perfect. 

This weekend was an ideal September weekend. Friday night we went with my parents to the Redbirds game:
 (disclaimer - all photos are from the iphone)

Memphis is so lucky to have such an awesome stadium in Autozone Park. It is right downtown, it is beautiful, the food is great, and you're pretty much guaranteed a fun time. We went for the championship and the Redbirds, although losing eventually, played very well. It was a lot of fun and I got a ridiculously awesome footlong grilled all beef hotdog.

Saturday morning came early, bringing Bryant's for breakfast with some of our great friends from church. Bryant's is a staple in our lives and their biscuits make me smile. After Bryant's, we went to the Cooper Young festival. This is an arts and crafts/music/community awareness event in one of my favorite Midtown neighborhoods. We tried going early since it is usually very crowded. We parked and met up with our friends, making a strategy that would ensure that we hit every booth. 
  We saw a lot of pretty things but ultimately chose carefully. As we went from booth to booth, it was so fun to look at the art, the crafts, the vintage stuff, the random things. The people watching was fun too.. 

We made sure to stop by our pal Kristi Bauer's booth - she did a painting for us last year that my parents gave me as a housewarming gift.  We wanted to check out what she had this year and loved two of her pieces:
 The last one is my absolute favorite - it is of Overton Park here in Memphis. The second picture is also a favorite of mine. She is very talented and it helps that she is the step mom of a close family friend - nothing like supporting one of your own. Her website is disabled but I still have an email address for her so if you like her things, I can find our how to get in touch with her!

We also ended up with a few things of our own:
The big picture is an art piece that I fell in love with that is hanging in the hall. I thought it was cute and different. The smaller piece is a mixed media of owls that I fell in love with but didn't get - well surprise, Brie bought it for me as a birthday present!:
 They were buying these super cute key pieces for their new house and (sneaky sneaky) bought it for me... I thought they were getting it for themselves and they came over and said "happy birthday!". Brie's a great friend and it was so fun to run around Cooper Young with her today, and to get to be with Justine. 

All in all, a great weekend in Memphis. Glad to be a Midtowner!

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Comeca Jones said...

Thanks for sharing! You have taken me back to when we would visit Memphis every summer with my kids*sigh*Mud Island,Elvis museum , Even cheesy Liberty land!It was all we could afford then(we came from little Rock,Arkansas)The kids really thought we were a long way from home lol those were the days.:)


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