Saturday, September 11, 2010

This time last year...

This time last year I was sitting at school negotiating the asking price of our house via email while attempting to teach and hide my utmost excitement of the prospect of having our offer accepted. We were emailing with the realtor, texting each other, and bargaining down to the building of a fence. 

And a year later, here we are. Tomorrow is the 1 yr anniversary of signing the contract on our house.. Yes, we signed the contract on my birthday. Jake, it will be hard to beat that birthday present for a long time. Biggest present I've ever gotten for my birthday. 

A year later, we've loved this house. We've been in here almost 11 months, and it is finally sort of starting to sink in that it is ours. I was so mobile before that - Humes Hall, Massey Hall, 1312 White, Fox Lake Apts, home, the duplex.... so now that I'm here, it hasn't sunk in that we're here for the long haul. Maybe gutting a kitchen will help with that;)

We couldn't have picked a better house for our needs and I've loved making it ours. I love our neighborhood. I love walking to Cafe Eclectic, I love hearing the monkeys holler and the Rhodes tower bell. I love walking around and looking at the cute bungalows. I love our friendly gardening neighbor on the corner. I love it here. Here is home. 

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