Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Tour: Back Bedroom Update

A long, long time ago, Jake and I began the process of fixing up our "master" bedroom. We blogged about it here, how we spent our anniversary weekend (so, back in Jan.) painting and updating. And I promised to give a full tour when it was "finished." And yet, I never did. Because the bedroom has never been "finished." I left with this picture, from last time, which I shall call the "before:"
 We painted the walls, painted the tables, hung roman shades, and put in our new (to us) antique four poster bed (from BoJo's - brought to the house with Heather's help and still not off the floor due to a fiasco with bed railings). While not perfect, it is surely time to share.

The bed - an antique four post that has been retrofitted for a queen mattress. Queen beds were not manufactured until recently and so finding an antique queen bed was difficult until I happened upon this beauty at BoJo's. The side tables were sprayed red and I modge-poged giraffe paper on top:

I got the dresser from my bedroom at home for this room:
 The armoire I painted is in the corner by the closet:
 And the wall by the door is adorned with my favorite Ellen photos of Memphis ginkgos in the fall:
 So after all that time, the room looks a bit different - it is amazing what a coat or two of paint and a new bed can do!

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