Monday, September 13, 2010

Spraypaint Saturday

We have this little "curio cabinet" or something - I dont know what to call it. We use it as a mini-bar area because it has a wine rack and we can keep our glasses in it. Anyway. We bought it from target online for our old dining room because we needed extra storage. It ended up being (surprise) not exactly easy to build and now has a lean to it. Regardless, it has bothered me in our new house because it is dark cherry and all the other wood we have in our house is a honey oak. 

Here is the offending cabinet:
You can see it in action in our *lovely* kitchen, with the cabinet squeezed in the left there by the yellow bookshelf that holds our dog food and recycling. It wasn't doing much for me there and I have big plans for that area when the kitchen redo comes. 
 So on a sunny Saturday, this cabinet met its maker (and Beamer while it was at it) in the spray can. Here it is getting prepped:
 I learned from my last spray experience to tape the newspaper very firmly or else paint gets through (no fun). 
A little primer action...

And three coats of green later:
 It has a new lease on life. This color is the same as two of the dining chairs and fits well in this corner (there is a door there but we don't use it, as it seems odd to have a guest room lead into a dining room, especially when said guest room has three doors). I did scuff the edges a bit, making it look a little distressed.


lauren @ gathering moss said...

love it! that cabinet is so adorable now! and happy belated birthday, fellow virgo :)

Hilary Dow Ward said...

Yes, let's hear about that birthday! What did you on on the blessed day when you turned a quarter of a century old?


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