Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, At a Glance

Here's a glance at my Sunday - Facebook on the computer, leftover Pancho's cheese dip* and chips from our football viewing Saturday, a grocery list**, Youth in Government forms for my meeting later, and a huge stack of papers waiting to be marked up, all with Ty creeping on the dip in the background. Also - take note of the super cute scarf sent by Beth for the bday. Wore it last week to school with my grey skirt and a black top. Felt super stylish (which usually doesn't happen). 

*Pancho's Cheese Dip = dip cheese, amazingness sold in a tub at the local grocery here in Memphis, known as the cheese of life to our friends. Sort of a mix of queso from a Mexican Restaurant and the yellow cheese dip you get at the store, it is unlike anything else you'll ever taste in your life.

** Grocery Sunday is a must - we skipped grocery Sunday last week due to birthday festivities and test prep and it wasn't a pretty sight. We were foraging for food all week. I like to plan out my meals and make my list on Sunday, making a little menu for the week. I've found that if we go to the store after work each day, we end up buying more little crap that we don't need, or we're famished and end up eating out. 

Also, want to know what a med student who survived his first test week looks like?
And I get my husband back for a week before the next bout of information starts!

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