Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Quarter Life Crisis

Well, they say its my birthday. I feel like the theme for this year has been "the world spins madly on", in reference to the Weepies song (although the particulars of the lyrics don't align). 

This year has been an exciting, odd, and changing one. Friends moving away, friends moving here, friends getting married, friends breaking up, career boosts, career lows, making new friendships... 

In honor of my own annual observance of birth, and in light of the fact that I'm feeling nostalgic for all things camp, UT, friends, and such, I give you a picture story produced by digging into the archives of my old trusty iMac, where my old pictures reside:

Starting with all things UT - 

 Ah I miss this campus so much. Especially in September. Something about the prospect of new classes, football, warm but crisp air, sunny days, and fun events just makes me pine for UT. This is a picture of our library, where I spent my fair share of time (though not as much as Jake). 
 Oh, Humes Hall. This is a picture of JB, my roommate, fellow camper and Episcopalian. We lived one semester together in Humes Hall - that is my side in the background, maybe one of the only pictures I have of it. That room was typically quite messy on my part....

My Phi Mu pledge class - these girls were wonderful and I made some great friends through Phi Mu. I also learned a lot about leadership, cooperation, and how organizations run.
Student Alumni Associates exec board, the year I served as Publicity Chair, at our regional conference - this is the year my newsletter won best newsletter. SAA was one of my favorite organizations on campus and I met so many wonderful people through it. It instilled the value of service in me. 
 My best campus memory - Orientation 2005. OL2k5 is the biggest and best thing I participated in my entire time at UT. To this day, I use the skills I learned as an Orientation Leader. Two of my best friends came from OL2k5. I learned about teamwork, about leadership, about selfless service. I emerged from that summer with a passion for our university and the knowledge that I could do anything I put my mind to. I have some great memories from that semester/summer of my life...
 Orientation retreat, where Eric and I started our life-long friendship. 
 Hanging out with Beth on the floor of the orientation office in the UC, taking a break during our 18 hour work day. Beth and I started our life-long friendship that summer as well. Throughout the rest of our days at UT, you could find Eric, Beth, and me together.
 Awesome beach trip for 4th of July to Tybee Island outside of Savannah, GA. 
 Orientation Leaders selected for Mortar Board, an honor society for seniors at UT. 
 And one last UT memory - one of many late nights/early mornings spent painting the Rock - in this picture I am sticking my hand on my stomach to warm myself as it was frigid outside. 

Camp Friends...
My small group for Winterfest my first year on staff - these girls are all still in my life and important to me! We had probably the best small group I've ever had at a retreat. 
 My camp posse minus Ellen - Claire, Chan, Elise, and Caroline on the Stone Door Hike at Winterfest. Even though I call them my camp posse, this girls are much more than that. These are my best friends (Ellen included) and people I can guarantee I will be friends with for my whole life.
 Oh there's Ellen! Ellen, Claire, and Chan at Vocare in Alabama. 
 And here's a dear friend, a mentor and role model who is now a Memphian again! Christy and I were doing staff things at Winterfest. 

And another fun thing about Winterfest/Camp was having my brothers there with me:
 A younger Ez at Winterfest. Jacob was there too, but I don't have a photo to document.

Also, found a picture of a younger kitty and Sebastian:
and a picture of Jake and me from dinner at Pete and Sam's last year.. just for kicks:

Hope you're enjoying September 12th. What a great day!

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