Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday Fun

Sunday marked the entry into the 25th year of my life. I like to call this my quarter life crisis because it implies I will live 100 years. I hope to have a long, healthy, happy life. 

I celebrated my birthday weekend, as any person should do, elongating the fun. Friday night we kicked off birthday weekend with a family dinner at Interim. If you haven't been there - oh my gosh. It is just divine. The food. Amazing. It now rivals Paulette's and Cafe Society for my favorite fancy restaurant in Memphis. We had delicious food, awesome wine, and enjoyed each others company. By the way - the mac and cheese appetizer? Freaking amazing.

Saturday was spent mostly cleaning (which was very needed) but Saturday night Jake and I had our birthday celebration - pizza. I happen to love pizza so this was my choice of place to go. Jake also gifted me a lovely handmade apron from Trolley Stop Market (that he bought way in advance - I chided him on spending too much at lunch at Trolley Stop earlier that month as I checked our bank account... oops). 

Sunday morning was spent with this beast of furniture:
  I bought this armoire at Gary's Antiques back in May and it has been sitting, white and primed, in our house for too long. So I painted it red in anticipation of a move to our bedroom.

After painting and painting (final product to be shown soon), I went to the Central Gardens Home Tour with my mom and dad. Jake has test week this week so his entire weekend (and week prior and this week) was spent studying. I really didn't see him much outside of meals. But that is to be expected. 

The Home Tour was fabulous. On the way we saw an estate sale and went inside, where I found this side board that my parents got me for my birthday:
It is an antique, sort of farmhouse style, and other than some clean up on the top and knobs, is totally awesome. It will go in the kitchen (when that ever happens...). 

To finish the night off, my parents had Jake and me over for my favorite stew, Beef Daube. AND what is super fun is I've been getting fun birthday presents in the mail. I got a super cute light floral scarf from Beth that I wore to school today and I got these cute guys from my Yale girls, Elise and Gracie:
So you know, over all, not a bad birthday at all. In fact, turned out to be one of the better ones in my recent memory - which I didn't expect at all.

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