Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{Go There}: Broad Avenue Night Market.

Last Thursday, we headed down the street to Broad Avenue, the next up and coming neighborhood/arts district, for their fall night market. Broad Avenue is seeing a big resurgence, between the new brewery Wiseacre, restaurants like Three Angels and Jack Magoo's (their cheese bings.. I die...), and new shops like Independent Style Market and Five in One Social Club (that we explored that night).

Broad Avenue is definitely more edgy and hip than even most of Midtown and the night market was no different. It was super obscure and off-beat at times but totally cool.

After walking down the street and checking out the food trucks, we stopped in the new Five-In-One-Social Club. In the back they had a young kid playing guitar and there was merch in the front.

The next stop was to Independent Style Market, which has booths from local vendors... I loved the art on this wall.

.... in fact I loved it so much that this weekend I went back and got this anchor painting. I just had to have it.

There was also this little star, a contender for my love...

These felt creations were really fun- the smaller one was $40 and the larger ones were $75

I also loved these whimsical hats:

If you're looking for a fun night out on the town, there's one more night market October 24th. More details:

In food trucks and street fairs,

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