Friday, October 4, 2013

{Friends}: Celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Dugger.

Where do I even start?...

Elise is Engaged
Elise's Bachelorette
Elise's Shower

After almost a year of planning and dreaming, Elise and Nate's wedding weekend was finally here! I had an absolute blast being Elise's Matron of Honor and being by her side as she planned out every detail of the most perfect, special day. I am so grateful for the memories we made and I am even more grateful that Elise chose Nate. He's an amazing guy.

So on to the details...

Elise was home the week prior to her wedding and one of the best laughs I had was when Elise helped me set up my google video chat for a conference call. We did a google hangout and I tried out the special features (which didn't appear during my call...)

Thursday brought out of town guests...Gracie and Chan came over for a slumber party. Chandler was put in charge of the bow bouquet for the rehearsal:

Gracie had fun wtih the pups..

Friday brought the Bridesmaids' Luncheon, hosted by Elise's aunt and grandmother at Paulette's. Here's my excited for the wedding face:

The beautiful table:

A special menu:

The absolutely amazing Hot Chocolate Crepe:

A sweet picture from the decoration of Elise and me in our choir robes:

 The bridal party:

Paulette's was amazing for the luncheon - the food was delicious and service fabulous. We had a private room on the second floor of the River Inn (where Paulette's is now).

After lunch we went for our nail appointments at the Nail Bar on the Island.

I got gold glitter nails:

At some point, my phone decided to remind me about Elise's wedding... in case I forgot:

Then it was off to the church for the rehearsal:

Look at that goofy groom in the background...

And here's my groom... four and a half years later, same church.

The rehearsal dinner was in the Great Hall of the church. Nate's parents did an amazing job with decor. The catering, Simply Delicious, was ... simply. delicious. 

That night Gracie and I stayed with Elise in the bridal suite at the Westin. We had a great view...

The next morning we got hair and make up done with the bridesmaids in the suite. My hair..

Gracie and me in our getting ready shirts from Elise:

Ellen brought pocket Lunas (Elise's dog):

And there was a dance party...

More hair...

Nicole doing makeup:

And then it was off to the church! Elise getting in her dress with her mom...

Matron and Maid of Honor:

Bridal bouquets:

Amy Dale did the wedding photography... and she brought her precious sweet Layla for a bit during a break!

Episco-pals before the wedding:

Almost married...

My mom stopped by to say hello:

And then there was the ceremony! No pictures.. I was busy. But here's the bow I tied on Elise for her party sash:


The reception was at the Westin on the 2nd floor... the fabulous Janis Kiel was the wedding coordinator for Elise. Seriously - call Janis if you want your wedding coordinated like a baller. Now the Westin on the other hand...

The reception was absolutely beautiful. Here's the first dance:



Muddy's cupcakes for the wedding cake:

Another great part of the weekend - my houseguests! Eric and Claire stayed with us over the weekend:

Amy had a photobooth as part of her photography:

Elise and her momma:

Holliday's did the flowers... check out this beast. So beautiful.

 What a beautiful celebration for an amazing couple. Congratulations to the Duggers!

 In love and friends,

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Reenie said...

You girls all look beautiful.

stevenjared0853 said...

What a fabulous wedding. Everyone looks so happy and stylish in these pictures. My own sister tied the knot recently at one of the local wedding venues in NYC and it was also a gorgeous Disney inspired ceremony. We are eagerly waiting for the photos and once they come, I will definitely share those on my weblog.


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