Thursday, October 18, 2012

{Friends}: Elise and Nate are engaged!!

Elise is the person I've known third longest in the world (after my mom and my dad). She has been there for my entire life and she means the world to me. I sure am lucky our parents were friends! I've got so many memories of growing up with her, from eating out of ninja turtle cereal bowls to playing tennis to many many years of Choir Camp.

A few years ago our friend Ellen had the genius idea to introduce Elise to her pal Nate. And, as they say, the rest was history. We love Nate so much and I honestly could not have picked anyone better for Elise. Nate is a musician (music is very important to Elise), he is fit and active (Elise is very active), and most importantly he is extremely considerate, kind, and easy-going. All very wonderful qualities.

On Tuesday I got the great news I had been waiting for - Nate proposed to Elise! Elise and Nate are ENGAGED! They're getting MARRIED! I'm a little excited....can you tell?

Congratulations, you crazy love birds. I am so happy for you two and cannot wait to share the celebration of your union. Here's to a lifetime of happiness. Marriage is the best!

In best friends for life,

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andrea said...

Nice match-making skills ladies!!! =)

Mrs. Kannady said...

I love this post! I loved meeting Elise, but I love this post!!! The way you wrote it is awesome!


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