Friday, October 5, 2012

{Life} Lately.

It has been a bit since I've done a life photo update... in fact, records show that the last one was August 2nd. So two months later, what have I been up to? Well the answer is not much. It takes 67 pictures (hope you like pictures!) to summarize the fact that I've been living up each day, loving my new job, and spending time with friends, family, and my pups.

August was a time of saying goodbye. Our friend Andrew left for seminary and so we gathered at his house one last time to hang out by the pool and say goodbye. Our friends were all there, including Brie, who got to snuggle with Hez and Ed's sweet girl:

Isn't she precious?

August also brought an early birthday present for me, after my mom and I took a trip out to Sheffield's. I got this kitchen hutch, which is on my list for fall break because I want to fill it up with my favorite kitchen things!

Ty enjoyed his favorite past time, hanging out in the shower. He enjoys chasing the water as it drips (by the way - we have a drip in our shower...)

And immediately after this photo, I learned the power of Tilex and my life (and shower) were changed.

Right before school started back, I used a groupon I got for a massage at Hi Gorgeous. Normally I'm too cheap and weirded out to get massages but this one was exactly what I needed to start the year off right. I highly recommend Dalton at Hi Gorgeous. It was an excellent experience.

I also worked on changing up the decor in our dining room a bit (blogged about the changes here):

I also made some decorations for my new classroom - a wreath and fabric bunting:

I took Beamer to have a check up on his surgery and we were pleased with the progress he made. He was pleased with getting to ride in the car...

We went out to dinner with Chan, who loves getting her picture taken for the blog. We were celebrating her last night in Memphis before leaving for seminary. The next day she packed up and headed out for the drive to Virginia!

Harley had some adventures, including getting stung by a wasp in the backyard. Her face was swollen and she had to go to the vet for a shot. Doesn't she look funny?

She reports that she's feeling much better now.

Do you think she has enough toys?

Jake and I continued our ritual of eating Garabaldi's pizza. We haven't gone every single Sunday recently but we've been going quite a few:

Since we aren't getting as much time together between his work and studying for his tests, we also found ourselves with another ritual (that we soon learned we had to keep to a minimum due to calories): Sonic Mini-Blast dates. This particular one was to celebrate my last day of summer.

Harley continues to get bigger and grow more into her personality. She's quite the bossy lady. And goofy:

We tried out and fell in love with a new place in town, Aldo's Pizza Pies (blogged about it here):

Then it was my first day of school - here's what I wore! My capris are pink, in case you can't tell.

Jake and I took many walks and have been tracking our miles using my iphone. On one of our walks I saw a porch inspiration and snapped a photo. I'm still working towards getting rid of our wrought iron posts and getting some crisp white posts like these:

The walks have been great - we love our neighborhood, especially our little mini-greenline we have right by us.

We also have started taking advantage of Hollywood Feed's dog washing station. After trying to wash our dogs in the tub of our front bathroom and dealing with the messy consequences, their facility charge is a steal!

I've also been adjusting to life at a new school. It has been fabulous and a wonderful change. To keep my new schedule straight I had to color code it and staple it to the wall!

I also took some time to get the guest room clean because I had friends come in town! While the guest room isn't near perfect, it is getting a little better each time I work on it.

In September my dad's choir (the Memphis Men's Chorale) opened for a singer at the Levitt Shell's concert series.

My work has been busy but rewarding - thank goodness for my Erin Condren planner to keep it all straight!

Also in September Elise and Nate came to visit in Memphis! We went to Aldo's Pizza Pies (again) because it is so delicious.

It was a beautiful night. I snapped this shot on the way back to the car:

That next week I went on a retreat with my school to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, AR. It was a beautiful, restful time where I got to know my kids better.

On Wednesday when I came back it was my birthday so I came home to presents from Jake (who was working a 24 hour shift and wasn't home). I got flowers, the Hunger Games blu-ray, and a Marc Tetro basset hound canvas print (that we saw and loved down in New Orleans back in January).

My friends at school also were very sweet and got me a candy bouquet:

My bouquet from Jake:

Happy 27 year old!

Another September happening - I've hated this blank space above our fridge for a while now. I searched and searched for a shelf for above it but none were deep or long enough so while I was at IKEA in July I bought brackets to make my own shelf.

So while we were out one weekend, we stopped by Home Depot and bought wood to make a shelf (and some glue adhesive stuff):

The shelf is made and just needs to be painted and put up. I think it is going to help that corner quite a bit!

We went to Ellen's to celebrate Matthew's birthday. While there I snapped this shot of Jake with Lily, Ellen's pup, and Tilly, Ellen's friend's cat. Jake was the pet whisperer that night.

We took more walks, including this one through Overton Park:

And Jake surprised me with sweet thoughtful gifts like this single serving Java Chip ice cream- - my favorite.

The animals are doing well - Beamer's healing well and enjoying being back at home:

Tyson is perfecting his model stare:

Sebastian continues to hide out in the front room:

And Harley is still in everyone's business. This particular night I was grading AP Econ papers and she did not like that I wasn't paying attention to her.

As I mentioned, my cousin Amy is having a baby. I was so excited to find this piece at the Stock Exchange. Amy has been looking for a chest for the changing table and storage in the nursery and needed a specific width and this was just the thing - for $40!

The guys have loved the weather lately - I was greeted by this when I got home one afternoon:

Beamer has officially taken Harley's goose (a present from her Aunt Beth):

Tyson seems to be constantly plotting his escape, which is concerning but we think he tolerates us.

And of course, Harley is just precious all the time:

 Chan came back in town for a wedding and I got to squeeze in some time with her. Here she is with her sweet niece and nephew:

Oh and I finally retired my old boots. They were fab and served me well but they were worn and honestly were starting to smell... so I found these at Rack Room and snagged them up!

And Jake and I have continued our frequent of the local dive, Jack Magoo's on Broad. We've stopped by a few times and enjoyed each other's company.

So yeah! Not much new, not much going on, but loving life and enjoying the presence of those I love.

In life lately,
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Kala M. said...

OK, so I always love seeing pics of the pups and your kitty. They are adorable. Which Wednesday was your birthday? I just turned 27 too. My birthday was Sept. 25th. My husband also surprised me with flowers. He got me some beautiful greenish white hydrangea. I love them there is a picture of them on my blog. And I'm totally loving those boots. I've been on the look out for a inexpensive, good pair of riding boots.


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