Thursday, October 4, 2012

{Make this}: Veal Piccata.

I have two favorite meals at fancy restaurants. The first is a good steak. Bonus is there is a red-wine sauce included. The second is veal piccata. Heaven forbid both are on the same menu - I wouldn't be able to decide.

The absolute best veal piccata in the world comes from Naples, my favorite restaurant on Earth, which is this cute old-world Italian restaurant that is locally owned in Knoxville. For Memphis people, it is sort of a Pete and Sam's, but better. Since I can't drive to Knoxville every time I want a veal piccata fix, I have found a substitute - Carraba's veal piccata is my runner up favorite veal piccata. It is perfection.

So naturally when I was deciding what to cook for a fancy cook at home dinner the another night, I started Pinterest-ing (the art of searching Pinterest for pins) veal piccata. I have made it before and knew what recipe I wanted (its pretty standard and basic) but just needed to find the specifics.

And so there it was - I found it:

The link worked (always a risk with Pinterest) and took me to a recipe by Recipe Girl:

Her recipe worked and was exactly what I wanted. I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some ingredients (a con about this is that the veal is expensive but you could use chicken cutlets pounded thin just as easily - and a pro of the recipe is that it doesn't call for many ingredients). I brought them home and my personal chef got to work:

Isn't his helper sweet?

We put the veal piccata over angel hair pasta (boxed not fresh because Whole Foods didn't have fresh - what gives there?) and served with asparagus. Including the white wine (Bogle Chardonnay by the way - $10 for a bottle and it is a Consumer Reports best buy), this meal cost us $35 total. That may seem like a lot but think about if both of us got it at a nice restaurant and bought the bottle of wine there. Adding in tip you're looking at doubling that amount. So for a weekend dinner, a great deal.

Have I mentioned I love capers? Favorite thing ever. The texture, the flavor. Love.

You should make this next time you want to have a fancy meal. And remember - substitute chicken cutlets for the veal and you'll save about $8 of your costs. Here's the link to the recipe again. Highly recommend it!

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emwvaughan said...

Gotta love the capers :-)

RecipeGirl said...

Thank you so much for providing links to the recipe. It is much appreciated! I've pinned your finished product. P.S. I'm addicted to capers too!

Stephanie, The Recipe Renovator said...

Kudos for properly crediting the recipe and telling a great story!

Kim - Liv Life said...

Your helper is adorable!!! And I'm loving this recipe! Pinning!


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