Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{House}: Bedroom Wall Art.

Way back in July I shared an idea for what I'd like to do in our back bedroom:

As is with most places, our bedroom has been one of the last rooms we have worked on. I was excited to freshen up the decor and add in some pops of yellow to the brown/red/turquoise color scheme.

A few weeks ago I shared the paint chip art I did for the frames:

Last weekend I followed that zero dollar art work up with a two dollar project - free printables from the internet!

After browsing Pinterest (what else?) I found these two printables and downloaded them to my computer:

I did an online order at Kinko's (sorry - FedEx Office) and for $2 printed them as 8X10s to put into my existing frames.

This simple update just makes our bedroom look a little more "hip" and young. Both of those sites I linked above had lots of printables that you can do too! One step closer in our back bedroom...

In printing fo' free,

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