Saturday, October 6, 2012

{Make this}: Simple Tomato Meat Sauce with Ground Beef and Pork.

We are so bad about leftovers. Even worse? We're bad about using the rest of ingredients from a meal we've made. Half of a can of tomato paste? Our intentions are so good... we cover it, date it, and put it in the fridge. And there it sits until the quarterly fridge sweep I perform (you know, when something starts smelling funky and you go rouge on the kitchen).

Lately I've been working to be a better person in the kitchen. So our new game is to buy ingredients needed for one night of dinner the day of (as not to waste things - we always overbuy if we do a big grocery run). So what we do is see what we need to use up. This particular night it was ground pork, left over from a delicious goat cheese pesto pizza from the night before. Naturally I turned to my favorite recipe book, Google. And there I found this recipe on the website Simple Foodie:

We added in ground beef to pair with the ground pork (mostly because we didn't have enough ground pork left) but otherwise mostly followed the recipe. One suggestion - use less salt than they recommend. That is a lot of salt.

A note - sometimes we've had trouble finding ground pork. It isn't the same as ground sausage and we found ours at Fresh Market.

We used the rest of the pappardelle pasta from Lucchesi's Pasta and ate green beans with it. The sauce came out quite well - it tasted like something you'd get at your neighborhood Italian restaurant. Next time you want a simple tomato meat sauce, try this recipe out. Better than the jarred stuff, not as pricey as eating out at a restaurant. Here's the link again:

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