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{Go There}: Aldo's Pizza Pies.

For a few years now there has been rumbling of another restaurant opening up under the same owner as our beloved Slider Inn. Finally it was true - Aldo's Pizza Pies opened recently on Main Street here in Memphis. Jake and I went for dinner last weekend and loved it so naturally it's time to share here!

This week has been crazy busy for me (thus the lack of posting for a week) and I've had these pictures ready to go for most of the week. I kept feeling like I was getting kicked in the pants because each Memphis blog I read would post about Aldo's and I just felt like I was losing more and more of my legitimacy. But then I remembered I'm not legitimate. I'm just a girl blogging about her world. And all was right again.

No but really, check out the fab reviews:
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So back to our dinner. It was delicious. I consider myself to be a pizza connoisseur and therefore was very excited to scout this place out, which had been buzzing with great reviews. In fact, I was really worried about getting a table - thank goodness Jake talked me into going that night. There was a wait but since there were just two of us, we got a table right away.

Aldo's is across the street from another favorite of ours, Local Gastropub. This area of town (Main Street right off Peabody Place) has turned into the happening area and I love it! People were walking up and down the street, eating at the restaurants, going to the bars, and enjoying the pretty night. Aldo's has a patio but it wasn't being used that night - it rained earlier but I'm not sure why they didn't set it back up. You can tell from the picture above that the inside of Aldo's is quite large, especially for a downtown restaurant.

We sat down, looked at our menus, and decided what we wanted. A few weird things - the website listed on the menu doesn't exist. Here's their facebook site: . Also our waitress was very nice but kind of spacey. We ordered the garlic knots and a 12 inch pizza (everyone says get the garlic knots) and we never got our knots. They weren't on our bill and our pizza filled us up so it was fine but sort of strange. Growing pains, I suppose.

I loved the urban chic feel of the restaurant. There is a huge bar in the back with 30 beers on tap. There are lots of long booths for big parties (a good thing given how hard it is to get a table together for a big party it seems) and I especially loved the light fixtures. Not sure if you can tell but the ceilings are very tall and the light fixtures are industrial. It just felt cool.

So after not so long, our pizza came. We got the vodka cream with pepperoni. Words cannot express. Freshly sliced pepperoni. Vodka cream sauce. Perfectly crafted dough. It easily shot to the top of our pizza list. It was the freshest, most tasteful pizza I've had in a long time.

So bottom line. Pizza was amazing. Service was ok. Atmosphere was trendy. I'm hoping they keep up the momentum. We will definitely be back. There are lots of other speciality pizzas worth trying (I hear their bbq pizza uses Tops and has cole slaw) - something for everyone.

You should go there.

Aldo's Pizza Pies
100 South Main
Memphis, TN 38103

(Sidenote: it is funny to me that I wrote the blog post for Slider Inn on August 23rd, 2011. A year and a day later, I am writing one for their sister restaurant.)

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