Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Decor}: So hot right now.

Y'all know I love going antique shopping. Whether it is a big Sheffield's trip or popping in the stores by my house, it is just such a de-stresser and fun time.

Well in the past few weeks I've been in a few different antique malls and I've noticed a trend. Really it started getting "hot" last year, as I saw bloggers start to incorporate them into their decor. But this trend has hit the antique malls, making it a for sure thing. So what is this trend? Bar carts!

A bar cart is a small, tiered, open cart (sometimes with wheels, sometimes without) that is usually used to stock your bar. I noticed about 5 in the Summer Avenue Antique Warehouse Mall the other day. Here are three of them.

First, these two were side by side and looking back I totally should have gotten the one on the right:

Here's why - check out this presh bar cart project from Keller Creative:

Read all about how she re-did the cart here.

There was also this great green one that I could totally see being a stand in the kitchen, a nightstand, or a bar cart:

That one was my favorite, I love-love-loved it. But alas, I passed on it.

Inspired, I browsed around Pinterest and started this pin board about bar carts:

If you like any of these bar carts, definitely go check out the board here. You don't have to be on Pinterest to see it.

So I'm noticing that I love metal bar carts and I love pops of color on them. I thought back to the bar cart I saw at IKEA back in July:

I just love this guy. How cute would he be in a dining room with dishes on it or by a bed as a nightstand or in a kid's room? I hear they sell out of things things like hot cakes at IKEA and I can see why.

So next time you're out (at say Sheffields - they had the most precious yellow metal cart) and you see a fun bar cart, do the hip thing and buy it. Everyone else seems to be doing it.

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Sarah said...

Where were all of these pictures taken at?

Unknown said...

Sarah - the two pictures of mine are from Antique Warehouse mall!


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