Thursday, August 2, 2012

{Life}: Random Update.

Well, kids, it's about time for another random update. When last we updated, I had gone to Atlanta for training.

The next two weeks were spent going to training at my new school, spending time with my pups, and seeing friends. Here's a glimpse at my past three weeks:

Sebastian and Harley spend most of their time on lookout in the living room.

Ty Kitty has made a turn for the clingy and friendly and lately can be found lying next to us. Here he is with Jake, who incidentally can also be found doing one thing while home - studying.

Who doesn't love a picture of sweet Sebastian?

My brother was home for a few weeks and tagged along on our Sunday Garabaldi's trip:

We have been tending to the lawn for over a year now and you can finally see the difference - the grass is green and lush and we don't have nearly as many weeds. And the good news is that after this picture was taken, we got our window replaced!

My new school has pets - it has been fun snapping the pictures of the geese that live on campus:

Beamer has been healing pretty well but still needs to take it easy (regardless of what he thinks he can do) so we've been having to watch him closely. (Note - Jake studying per usual)

This girl has been turning into quite the well behaved dog lately. She still wavers between psycho puppy and sweet girl but we're getting there.

Like I mentioned, most of the past two weeks were spent at my new school. In the words of Annie the Musical, I think I'm going to like it here.

I snapped this sweet pic of Jake and my girl cuddling. How cute are they?!

I spent some time this week coming up with solution to my dining room decor issues - specifically the corner with the green table. The good news is that my mom and I had a lot of fun finding something to take its place and we have a new setup to show off. Post to come!

We also celebrated my brothers' 22nd birthday. Only Jacob was in town so we took this picture at our Boscos dinner to show Ezra we missed him:

I also did a little retail therapy... in my new school! I got a tervis and a pullover. Gotta rep the new school. Sidenote: How cute is this shop?

Another perk of my new school: FRIED OKRA in the cafeteria. Oh and I don't know if you can tell but there are pickles on my plate. They have pickles on the salad bar so I ate a pile of pickles every day. I'm letting my weird out early. Luckily it seems other people love pickles there too and do the same thing.

Also last week Jake texted me this picture of my dad he snapped in the medical school hallway - it is from his med school composite. Wasn't he the cutest? Those glasses are so back in style.

Also a little bit of an obsession - I already blogged about them but they were so good - we already ate all of these and have plans to make more.

Also, y'all know how much I love a good selfie so I documented my outfits for the two weeks of training. My mom loves seeing my outfits (hi, mom!) and some of you may as well. Weird, yes. But that's ok by me.

Here was day one:

Another day that week:

Thursday of week one:

And Monday of week two brought a new phone case! I loved my kate spade case but I had stretched it out and my phone kept falling out. The new speck case I got is great. I want to get a sticker monogram for the back and found a few on etsy that are the right color and size so I'll order that sooner or later.

So how's that for an update? Feel like you're "part of my world"?

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