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{Blogland}: Some blog love...

I started blogging in 2009. I specifically remember when it started because I had gotten really into blogs and never thought about having my own (I'm not fun enough! cute enough! fancy enough!) and actually went my entire engagement and wedding without a blog (wouldn't that have been FUN!?). But one night I was sitting on the couch in our cute little duplex three months after being married and I realized that Jake didn't always want to hear all about my shopping trips, craft ideas, or dream houses. And really, facebook didn't either. And twitter was brand new (you know, since twitter is totally the place these days to post the "I ate cous cous for dinner" posts these days).

So I sat down and started a blog. I had no idea what to title it, didn't expect anyone to read it, and honestly it was a hot mess. My first post was on April 13th, 2009 and it was basically a rambling monologue with a sad excuse for a picture. And then I proceeded to write 9 posts. In the span of two hours. Here are all of my posts from April 2009. I was on a roll.

It is pretty painful to read back through those beginning posts. But it also shows how far I've come (and how far I have to go). Since starting my blog, I've had 135,001 page views. I've written 671 posts. I've been featured on Young House Love for my kitchen on their Reader Re-design (best day EVER!). And mostly I've had fun writing and find it really motivates me to do things in my life so I have stuff to write about.

So when Cameron of The Stimson Chronicles commented on my blog to tell me she had nominated me for a blogger award, I got super excited. Because in three years of blogging I've never gotten one of these fun little awards we bloggers pass around. I know it is basically like getting a sticker on your nametag in 2nd grade, but still! A sticker! On your nametag!

I "met" Cameron through the blog world and have gotten to know her better through instagram. Though we've yet to meet in real life, I feel like I know her through the virtual world and I love keeping up with her busy busy life! We've got a lot in common - we live in Memphis, we craft, we shop (and blog about shopping!). I love how cute, fun, and down to earth her blog is (and her kids are precious!!). I was super honored when she gave me a virtual award!

So apparently procedure is to pass the award on, include seven facts about yourself, and let the other bloggers know they've gotten an award. Yes, it is a bit chain-letter-esque circa 1997 but the good news is this one doesn't say that you HAVE to forward to FIFTEEN people or else you will DROP DEAD in ten minutes. Remember how scary of a concept that was?!

So in the spirit of the chain letter, I'm not going to pass it on... yet. Mostly because I'm not sure who I am going to bequeath this honor to at this time. But I'll give you 7 facts. Just for funsies, they are completely random. Completely.

1) I love my friends and am lucky enough to have known one of them since we were itty babies. Elise Marie Addington is my bffae (best friend forever and ever) and this face sums up our relationship:

2) One time at my old job my room temperature got to 114 and stayed there for three days because the heater in my room broke. Things melted off the walls. If you walked in, it hurt to stand and just be. It was a strange number of days. I didn't stay in the room long during the great heat wave of 2009, thankfully I went elsewhere. I kept this picture of the thermostat as a reminder about a lot of things in life.

3) My parents read to me as a child (as every parent should) and I have fond memories of reading Mercer Mayer (Little Critter) books with my dad. I like my parents a lot.

4) My favorite Muddy's cupcake is a Santa Baby. This proves complicated since they only are available at Christmastime. But they are chocolate with peppermint icing and they are glorious.

(not Christmas so not Santa Baby cupcakes but close enough)

5) I love musical theater. When I was little we would have family sing-alongs in the car. Other families would listen to the radio but not us. If it wasn't Billy Joel, it was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Annie, Les Mis, or the like. One of my favorite musicals is Wicked. I'm more than obsessed. Here I am dressed like Elpheba for Halloween in 2009.

6) The beach is my happy place. I love the carefree, relaxed atmosphere and could float in the waves all day. 

7) When you were little and people used to ask "what is your favorite food," I would always say cheese and pickles but not together. Well it turns out those are still my favorite foods and I do like them together because I love a good sasuage and cheese tray from Central BBQ and also have been found to assemble this as an afternoon snack around the house - sliced brie, asian vinaigrette, and pickles. Might be a little strange but it sure is good!

And that's all for now, folks! Thanks to Cameron for a trip down memory lane and for a bloggy award!
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