Monday, April 13, 2009

First Post

I absolutely love reading other peoples' blogs - I guess it is something about my insatiable curiosity or what Jake likes to call "nosiness" that makes it fun. I have a few I go through and read daily. Not everyone knows I'm reading their blog either, which I guess could be creepy! The topics range from food blogs (a lot of those), wedding photographer blogs, blogs of friends from college, blogs of random people I know, and blogs of close friends. I think people are just hilarious on their blogs. I don't know that I can be that funny. BUT I do really like reading their hilarity so here I go.

I've had a lot of things I've been meaning to start a blog about. Mainly, I wanted to start one because Jake and I cook a lot and have a lot of recipes we create or modify that I'd like to be able to go back and use and also share with others. We love to cook but also love shortcuts so I think other people might want to know things we do! I really like reading cooking posts. I also LOVE getting a good deal and love telling others about the good deals I get. It is just really satisfying to save money. Sometimes, I want to tell about the things that happen at school. The names, of course, would be changed to protect the innocent (or guilty, as it may be). Some things that happen are really great... some things, not so much.

Today, Jake and I went to Big Lots to look for a patio dining set. While we didn't find one of those, we did find awesome deals on stuff we get at the grocery store every day. We bought really nice brand noodles, which we always try to keep in stock, for about 1/2 as much as the grocery store. We also bought G2 drinks for 70 cents a piece. I could go on.. but I think we'll always try to go to Big Lots first for things like that and also toiletries, shampoo, etc. They had toilet paper, office supplies, and more.

On Friday, Jake and I went to the Memphis Zoo. We're members and go about two times a month. My family has lived across from the zoo since I was 10 and we were always members. Once I "grew up," Jake got us a membership for my birthday one year. I think it was one of the best presents ever! We've kept it up and use it quite a bit. To cover the cost of the membership, we'd have to go three times (so 6 entry fees) in a year, which we DEFINITELY do. My favorite animals are the giraffes and penguins. We saw this giraffe when we were there:
We love hearing the keeper chats. The keeper was telling us about how the boy giraffe has been very territorial with his newest girlfriend and it was pretty funny. I love the baby giraffes as well. In addition, walking around the zoo is always good exercise and you also get to be reminded why it isn't time to have babies yet... they are cute and all but there are always a lot of them and they are loud, screaming, and you have to carry their stuff around. I'm not ready for that!

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