Sunday, April 19, 2009

A trip to the movies

Saturday was a rainy day and so, after doing some errands and cleaning up around the house, Jake and I decided a date night was in order. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner - I was craving some buffalo tenders and Jake wanted wings. The collection of people at this particular location was a bit comical. It ranged from the extremely overweight set of African American women to the trailer trash that just emerged from the park for a big night out. I had the medium sauce on half of my boneless wings and the spicy garlic on the other half - very good if I do say so myself.

After dinner, we went over to the Paridiso for a movie. Now, this place is new and nice... but I don't really like going because it is usually over-run by middle school children. Last night wasn't that way, but instead it seemed to be going the way of most Memphis places that are any nice. That is where I'm going to leave that. But the real crime was the price of the movies! We went up to the ticket kiosk to pay and noticed they had a "weekend" price. Jake said "this can't be good" and I knew to brace myself.

10$ per ticket! 10$. That meant we spent 20$ total for a movie - albeit a good movie but still! We could have bought it on DVD and had a little money left over for that price. Honestly I don't know why movie theaters charge that much. I would say that they are going to stop it when everyone stops going to movies but reading the latest on movie releases, it seems people are still going just as much. I feel like an old person but I can remember back when movies were 5$! Charging 6.50$ for a ticket seemed like an outrage. And here we are now...

The movie itself really was hilarious. I love Paul Rudd and that type of comedy he has done lately (Knocked Up in particular). Jake and I were laughing through the whole thing. Was it $20 worth of laughing? I'm not sure...

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