Thursday, April 16, 2009


More of my quest to have good food at a good price, with little time involved...

1) This hummus dip (we had the traditional not the sun dried tomato) with Stacy's Pita Chips makes an excellent snack and we got it for 2$ at Big Lots. I am picky about hummus (can't be too pasty or runny) and this was a winner. Tastes like the hummus at many Greek restaurants.

2) This frozen pasta by Bertolli is my favorite of the frozen dinners - Chicken alla Vodka & Farfalle. It takes 10 minutes to make and has asparagus in it as well as some small chopped tomatoes. It costs 7$ in the grocery in feeds 2 heartily and 4 as a side.

3) A chicken recipe I made up - simple, easy, but delicious
Take chicken breasts and thaw if necessary

Combine Panko bread crumbs with salt, pepper, fresh grated parmesean cheese, and italian seasonings

mix egg and milk & dip chicken in mixture

cover egged chicken in panko mixture

saute' chopped onions (worm sized slices so they are still long but thin) in olive oil

with onions sauteing, cook chicken in the pan

I served with a three cheese pasta I made (parm cheese, goat cheese, and marscapone all mixed together and melted over a cavatappi pasta with some red wine vinegar and salt/pepper) and I really liked the way the breading tasted and also the taste of the onions.

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