Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Along with Twitter, I also recently jumped on the Pandora bandwagon. I have three stations so far - one based on Coldplay that includes anything soft and some sort of oldies rock as well - I get anything from Keane to Simon and Garfunkel on it. This is my morning and afternoon one. It calms me down. I also have a Taylor Swift based one of sort of sugary pop country stuff for the kids and also a Rhianna based one for that same purpose (and ok - for me too. I love Rhianna).

I play it as the kids enter the room and tell them while they work I have to be able to hear the music so it keeps them quiet. AND the best incentive is I let them change it to the Rhianna one from the Coldplay one if they are good. They think the Coldplay one is pure torture except the few cool white hippie kids.

One song came up this morning on Pandora that really stuck out to me: This Year's Love by David Gray. I've heard it before and really like it.

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