Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A new addition to the family

Today, Jake and I took the big step - we went to the Family Veterinary Practice of Bartlett and picked out my kitten. I have been wanting a cat ever since we got rid of our last ones when I was in 9th grade. Jake doesn't really like cats but he says it is because they aren't "social." He finally agreed to let me get a cat. I had been looking for an orange and white one for a long time and finally a local place that adopts animals out had a litter with 4 orange kittens. We went today and picked our guy out (he is orange and white - one of the ones in the picture above but I can't tell which since they all look a lot alike!). We paid the adoption fee (which is a bargain- it covers 1st shots, deworming, and spay/neutering for only $45) and can go get him next Monday! We thought we would be able to get him today but he wasn't ready - he is only 6 weeks old and wasn't completely eating solid food yet.

I can't wait to get him home and see how the dogs react to him! Beamer loves kittens. When he lived at Jake's family's house, their kitten would ride on Beamer's back! He would let the cat play with his tail and was perfectly fine with it. Sebastian has never been around cats so I am a bit worried about him but he just takes a bit to adjust.

As for a name, we have a few in mind but need to figure out if it is a boy or girl - it is too soon to tell yet because kittens apparently need to develop first to be able to tell. We'll see!!

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