Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm published!

This summer, two days after I finish my full time job as a teacher for the summer, I am heading "home" to Monteagle Mountain in the Cumberland Plateau to serve my church camp as Assistant Director. I never would have imagined I'd be returning after serving two summers as a counselor. It was wonderful but I sort of thought I wouldn't have the opportunity to return since I had grown up and become a big kid with a big kid job. However, between being at our camp reunion in August and serving on staff at Winterfest this New Year's, I felt called to return and continue the hard work several of my friends had started.

I am very passionate about this camp (as most people who go are - we've been called a cult before!) and so part of my position as AD is that I want to share that passion with others and introduce them to the place that helped bring up my friends in the Episcopal church. I wrote an article for our church newsletter, which was published this last week. Click here to go to the Calvary Episcopal website's newsletter page. From there, click "this week's Chronicle" (which will only work for two weeks) and go to page 10. Also, I'll post the full text in a bit to read as well.

I hope to talk more about CGM and our successes as we progress towards this summer.

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