Monday, April 13, 2009

My newest project

My newest project involves this potting bench pictured above - I ordered it offline last week. Since January, I've been searching for a potting bench for our deck. I don't exactly "pot," but I did want it for serving food once the grilling and chilling season begins eminently. I finally found one after it was featured in Real Simple and ordered it promptly. It should come in April 17th. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

I'm planning on hanging some small pots with herbs along the lattice. I think I'll get cilantro for sure, but if you guys have suggestions for other herbs to get, holla atcha girl. I also plan on placing some potted plants on it as well. I like seeing things grow and knowing that I can do it.

Mostly though, the bench will be used for our deck parties. Jake loves to grill so it is a good place to set the grill plate. Also, I bought this bucket (but in orange and white) for ice and beverages. I can't wait to get it in!
We've also been working on the deck itself. We have two cute chairs that we got as a wedding present from Elise's family. We added two plants out there. We're planning on getting lattice to put along the fence by our deck to add privacy and we've been looking for a patio dining set to put down by the deck stairs. We love being outside and can't wait to use the deck!

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