Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Extended School Day = worst idea ever

Way back in January, the 28th to be precise, Memphis had about 6 snowflakes hit. Well more like 4 inches worth. It melted by 10AM. We were all on the edge of our seats (couches, beds) seeing if we'd have school. I actually got dressed, slid out of the driveway, and drove down to school before my mom called and told me they cancelled school at 6:55AM (note - school starts at 7:15). There were literally kids that had already been dropped off just waiting for school to start - no cell phone to call home either since they are restricted at school.

We got a day off, it was great. I don't think I did a single thing. It was wonderful. Until now. See, Memphis doesn't have built in snow days since it never snows here. So anything that we miss, we have to make up. Awesome. We figured it would get tacked on to the end of school - no kids would show up since it was the day after Memorial Day so we'd just have a day of grading and it would all be fine. Apparently Supt. Cash had the same idea because on Thursday of last week we got a great Easter present - they announced that April 14-April 24 we'd be going an extra 45 minutes each day to make up the lost time.

Obviously people were annoyed, pissed, whatever. I'm over that. I'm not happy about it but don't sit and complain to me! However, what did bother me was that some incredibly smart person decided to pull the fire alarm at 7:35 this morning. We all filed outside into the 45 degree weather (this is April isn't it?) and stood in the misty rain as we pretended to care where our kids were. See, every time someone pulls a fire alarm at our school (which is often), the administrators instantly find it on the camera, that person gets caught, and they have to pay the fine that the school was given by the fire station. You'd have to be an idiot to pull it. Yet people do.

The best was the fact that all the teachers were like "dude - you should have pulled it at 2:15. What were you thinking?"

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