Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Go there}: Captain JJ's.

I love buffalo chicken tenders. Love. My particular favorite? Abner's. But Abner's and Zaxby's and the like live in suburbia. And I don't. And I think Midtown is much more of a "local flair" type of place so I don't expect to get either soon (though I have a whole list of chain restaurants I want in Midtown secretly even though I am pro-eat local movement.... Chipotle anyone?)

But I digress. Buffalo tenders. In my family we have a ritual of going to the Sonic by our house probably more often than we should. And across from "our" Sonic opened this mysterious place called Captain JJ's Fish and Chicken. They listed that they had chicken, fish, wings, and chinese food. Since I'm always on the lookout for a local dive type place to call my own, I figured it was worth checking out.

Turns out there are lots of Captain JJ's around town. We checked out the Poplar at Hollywood JJ's but I know there is one on Summer by Waring too.

The Poplar Captain JJ's was clean, sparse, and well guarded (bars on windows is a good luck sign, right?).

You walk up to the counter, order, then go to your seat. I noticed most people were getting their orders to-go. It was Sunday so I was envisioning a large family gathering with some serious catfish (they claim theirs is the best - don't they all?) and fried chicken. I learned that, though the sign advertises Chinese food, they do not serve Chinese food anymore there. Perhaps they realized they needed to concentrate on one genre.

So we ordered. Of course I got the buffalo tenders. The buffalo tender dinner came with fries and then I have this thing about fried okra. I'm obsessed. So I ordered it too. When our food came out I realized we got a little overzealous with the ordering. Mental note - one chicken tender dinner split between the two of us would have been fine!

The okra? So good. Also the buffalo tenders were spot on. Only gripe is that they were hard to cut with the cheap-o plastic fork and no knife. Real silverware would have served me well.

Another thing I loved was that the french fries were skinny (in size not calories). I don't do steak fries and prefer to stay away from the crinkle frie. These were perfection. Only thing that would have made it better? Some zax sauce. I'll suggest it to JJ.

You know you want to go there. Check out a menu. You'll thank me (but your arteries won't).

In buffalo and okra,
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