Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{House}: Project Organization - Pantry.

When we moved into our house, the "pantry" was nonexistent. There was a HVAC closet with a washer/dryer in it. The very first thing we did (as in a plumber came over days after we moved) was take a hall closet and turn it into a laundry closet. In doing so, by moving out the washer and dryer (we got rid of the old pair we inherited on Craig's List and bought a new-to-us pair on the CL that were front loaders), we made space for a pantry.

It has gone from no organization to this:

to this:

to now this:

Needless to say, the current situation wasn't working for us. With more food, more stuff, and less organization, the result is just flat out embarrassing.

So I was browsing the IKEA website, one of my favorite past times, and saw this picture of a pantry:

The GORM shelving unit appears to be perfect for our pantry... but 1) I don't want to drive to the ATL again to get it (sorry Beth) and 2) I happen to know a handy sibling who could build this for me.

So now I'm crossing my fingers that my little brother finds time in his busy schedule for the summer to build some shelves for our pantry. Otherwise I may resort to having to throw one of my seven boxes of pasta away...

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emwvaughan said...

You're welcome to come back to Atlanta any time :-)


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