Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Laundry Project

When Jake and I toured our house the first time, we were struck by the number of closets (which we've since filled and have plans to make even more). The hall closet especially was huge - 70 inches wide, and it wasn't even the "coat closet" because that was by the front door. With a pantry full of laundry instead of shelving, our realtor helped us figure out this was where our washer/dryer needed to go.
We were a little eager to begin work - the first week that we had the house, we had a plumber come and do the plumbing for the laundry room. Four months later, we've had an electrician come and our contractor began work. The picture above was taken in Dec. when we'd had the plumber and electrician come but not our contractor. 

I posted a few weeks ago about this exciting project, the first of our "big" projects here at our little Odd Ranch. Well, its time for an update. As of today at 2:30pm, our closet was in the drywall stage:

The walls had been ripped back to make way for bi-folds (don't worry, we saved the trim and are re-using the original door elsewhere). The walls have been filled in, a vent has been added, the funky molded duct vent was repaired and drywalled over, and a light was installed.

Tonight, I spent my valuable time painting this space. Our contractor is putting the trim back on tomorrow, adding the doors, and doing some finishing work so our electrician can bring in the washer and dryer. Clearly it would be easier to paint PRIOR to all those things, so I primed and painted tonight. I learned:

1) There is a special primer for new drywall. 

2) There are special rollers (ultra smooth) for new drywall

3) Sometimes it is easier to pretend your primer is ceiling paint and leave it white when it looks alright instead of going with a grand pink scheme for your ceiling. 

In the next days it is my hope to get the trim back on, the doors on, the machines in, and even get a few cute projects done. We're going to put some shelving up using existing shelves that were in the closet. I can't wait to get this project done and reclaim my pantry!

And now, to leave you with a super awkward but funny picture of Beamer. This is how he sleeps on the couch:

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