Saturday, March 6, 2010

A trip to Target

Jake and I took a trip to Target today. I'm definitely a frugalista so Target (Tar-jay) is one of my favorite stores. We went in with a list of needs and mostly stuck to the list. I say mostly because we got a few fun things as well - items we needed but not necessarily right this minute. Yet we hadn't had a trip to Target in so long and I think it lifted my spirits a bit, which I've been needing lately. 

As we walked to the shoe area to get flip flops for Jake's gym showers, we travelled past the clothes. Normally, I'd turn into a crazed woman looking at all the cute clothes. Today I just gazed lustfully and kept walking, knowing that I'd have to come home and stalk the cute trends online. Here's some cute things I saw:




Now, looking at the pile of clothes that has yet to be unpacked, I am glad I didn't fork over any dollars for these clothes (see Jake? you were right) but if I had, I am sure I would have been pleased. I'm a subscriber to the school of clothes buying where you buy key pieces in high quality brands. When you need a trendy piece that you'll only wear a couple of times, either buy on super sale or from Target. I know it isn't everyone's thing, but it works for me.

And now for the things we actually did buy. First, Jake and I like Target's edamame better than Kroger's (Schnucks doesn't even have it - wtf?) and so of course we got some of that, as well as other mundane items like shampoo. But we did get a couple of fun items I wanted to share:
Two things in this pic. First, we got a box of fun "filler" for our new "J" vase that Jake's mom gave us. If you look closely in the pic you can see that it has a frosted monogram. I like the filler because it is sort of different than the usual and also there was enough in the box (that cost $9) to put in that vase and my cut glass crystal bowl for the hallway. 

The other fun new thing in the picture is our spring table runner. It is green polka-dotted and has stripes of white and plain green. 
I'm particularly proud of this purchase. This laptop carrier was $2.50 in the dollar bin area. It is the perfect size for my laptop. I don't carry mine much which is why I'm ok with a cheap-o bag but lately I've been taking it to camp meetings and needing a bag for it. Plus isn't it just CUTE? My two favorite colors, pink and orange, paired with my second favorite print, paisley (polka dots being my favorite). 

 Target had tons of really cute home decor stuff. More than normal. I think they are trying to step it up a notch. That or I really haven't been out much lately so everything is "super cute." So the next thing we got was this blue pitcher. I had noticed I needed a pitcher for when people come over and I don't want to serve them out of a plastic iced tea pitcher - if I want to class it up a bit, you know. This one was $9.99 and is ceramic. And a bonus, it matches my lazy susan birthday present perfectly, like it was meant to be. 

 The last thing we bought won't make much sense right now. Think of it as a teaser of our next home project. The bulk of the budet for today's Target trip went to buying on of those itso storage systems for our next project and I got one of these fun bins for the itso system.

I hope you had fun browsing through my virtual and real purchases from Target. I don't get to go shopping much anymore so this was a big day for me!

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