Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've got shelves!

Well here we are. All that stands between us and a completed laundry CLOSET are my own two hands, three cans (wood conditioner, stain, and poly), some baskets, and a little love. 

The contractor is officially done - the doors are on, the trim is up, the shelves are in. He reused two shelves from the old closet (the uppers) and created a "counter" out of old panelling turned upside down and mounted on a square stand. 

Tonight, while thinking about what to do for the counter (should I paint it and poly it?, stain it and poly it?, mod podge with scrapbook paper?, find cute contact paper?, cover it with an outdoor fabric?) I was looking at the bins that we just bought from Targ for our office project. And guess what - the blue dot matches PERFECTLY with Sherwin William's drizzle. And I love these bins. So you know where to find me this weekend - buying more polka dot bins at the Tar-jay. My idea is to do two of those bins mixed with two wooden baskets I already have on the bottom shelf and then use the upper shelf for serious storage (think wrapping paper, crafting stuff, etc). 

Until this weekend, though, its all on hold due to work stuff intervening. So until then, I'm leaving you with a teaser of the other thing I'm itching to get done: my floors!


1 comment:

emwvaughan said...

The laundry closet looks great! I wish I could be there to lend a hand (or be a good distraction). :-)


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