Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take a walk with me.

I love spring. Now, typically I would answer that summer is my favorite month. No school, camp is in session, bright blue skies, lake trips (anyone want to take me this summer?), ice cream - I am made for summer. But lately I've been digging spring. See, it is just a season of hope. All winter we're bogged down in cold (I am not made for cold weather - my bones hurt when I'm cold) and grey skies. We're stressed. We're tired. And yet when the first glimpse of spring comes, we dash outside, soak in the sun, and smile. I truly believe in Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder and know that I personally need lots of sun rays. Spring is a time of excitement and potential. As we plant our flowers, there is potential for beauty. As we emerge from our houses, there is a potential for friendship. I'm starting to finally meet a lot of our neighbors who, since winter was upon us, were not out and about and now are. 

Today I decided to take a stroll through my neighborhood. As you all know, I'm a big fan of Cafe Eclectic and wanted to try their homemade bread. While I don't necessarily promote the baguette I bought (too dry and tasteless), the journey there was quite enjoyable. Take a walk with me. 

I spent the afternoon on my patio in the back yard eating lunch, playing on the internet, and listening to the siamangs at the zoo hoot and holler. It was a beautiful day.


Robyn said...

What a fun day! I'm jealous!

Unknown said...

Seven Weeks, Robyn!! Then we can work towards fun walks/runs. I love you!


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