Sunday, August 5, 2012

{Craft This}: Pinterest Project - Instagrams on a Line.

I love instagram. You take quick iphone pictures, color boost or put a filter on them, and share them with your friends on the net. It really is great. So over the past year, I've collected quite the number of pictures on instagram. Pictures of food, of our pets, of our friends, of places we've travelled.

A friend had posted about how she printed a poster of her instagrams on a site called Prinstagram. This fun little site allows you to select your instagrams and print them in a variety of fashions - in a poster collage, in a mini book, or as simple prints. About the same time I saw this project on pinterest:

I decided it was time to take a crack at this fun little project and so I went about ordering my 24 pictures on and keeping an eye out for a frame of the right size.

A few days later, I was at Michael's craft store getting supplies for a different craft project and decided to look at their "as-is" bin, where I happened upon this glorious piece of art:

The glass had been broken in this ready to hang framed "art" from Michael's so the piece was $10. It was the right size, the right weight, and the right price. The guy at Michael's seemed really confused when I told him I was going to throw away that "beautiful" sunset. I guess I have a different idea of art.

So once the frame was mine, I took my favorite red spray paint to the frame, doing even thin coats.

I then ripped the back off the frame, leaving just the frame itself and went about making my instgram display frame. While at Michael's, I grabbed these mini clothespins, which were perfect for my project. I picked out just the yellow and blue ones to go with my decor. I'll use the other ones some other time, I'm sure.

I took some twine and made my clotheslines for my pictures to hang on their clothespins.

And now I have a nice little display of the fun people and places from the past year:

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Allison said...

cute!!!! i think my favorite project you've posted on the blog (besides the house stuff of course :) )


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