Saturday, September 7, 2013

{Go There}: Wiseacre Brewing Company.

Broad Avenue has been going through a revitalization that makes me all kinds of happy. It is right by our house and has a lot of potential (not to mention Broadway Pizza - delicious). So finally we're seeing some fruit of the revitalization process - Five in One Social Club, Muddy's Bakeshop kitchen, and now Wiseacre Brewery.

Wiseacre Brewery opened Aug 30 so this weekend Jake and I started our Friday night by going over there to check out their tap room. You can check out a cool tour in the Memphis Flyer here.

The brewery at Wiseacre is pumping out kegs of beer for several Midtown restaurants - Chiwawa and Slider Inn both have it on tap according to their twitter feeds, among others. In addition, I've read they are canning their beer instead of bottling, so I imagine you'll see that on shelves soon.

Besides the brewery, there's the tap room, which is where we went. Wiseacre is down from 3 Angels Diner, across from Hollywood Feed, almost to the train tracks. The tap room is around in the back. There's a great deck that will surely be packed once it cools down. There was a huge parking lot and they had one food truck but I hope others catch on because I could see that being a really cool feature for the post-drinks crowd.

The tap room has no food (hence the food truck greatness) and is credit/debit card only - no cash. This works well because they have ipad registers right at the bar, making it super quick and easy. 

Friday they had two beers on tap, the Ananda, an India Pale Ale, and the Tiny Bomb, a pilsner. 

Here's the tap room - it has some communal tables, a side room, and some high tops:

It isn't super huge so I can imagine it will get packed at times.

There's a glass wall that allows you to see into the production facility - where the magic happens:

Overall it had a really cool vibe, the beer was good, and I am excited that something like this has come to Memphis - it felt very urban.

Another cool thing: the artwork was done by a White Station alum, Rachel Briggs! Go Spartans!!

With that, I suggest you go there.

Wiseacre Brewing Company
2783 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117

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Amelia said...

Great review! Wiseacre is on my list of places to check out when I'm in town. I love 3 Angels so I'm glad Broad is getting more cool spots. Even better that the art was done by a fellow Spartan!


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