Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{Life} 2013.

Here we are on the first of January, 2014. Happy New Year! While it will take some time for me to remember to not write 2013 on everything, I certainly am excited for the arrival of the '14. This is Jake's graduation year from medical school! When he was accepted, we read the letter, "welcome to the class of 2014" and thought it was forever away, and yet here we are.

2013 treated us well and it is only proper to wish it a warm goodbye. 2013 was full of friends, celebrations, good food, and some reality checks that we are indeed grownups!

In 2013, we...

Met baby Layla, my cousin Amy's new baby

I went dress shopping with Elise

Celebrated Colby's birthday, Mardi Gras style:

And Jake's birthday, belated:

Went to Florida with a friend's family for spring break:

Had great end of Spring Break fun with friends:

Traveled to Atlanta for Easter

Jake's AC compressor in his car died and when he went to pick up the car to get from getting it fixed, he backed into a fire hydrant...

Went to Youth in Government with school (always a great time!)

Enjoyed the beauty of spring

Cheered on the Grizz in the playoffs:

Jake spent a lot of time at school..

Got new bedding for our bedroom:

Said goodbye to wrought iron:

Moved furniture around in the living room:

Spent my last summer on the Mountain:

Went to Atlanta for Jake's CS boards (and to see Beth, who was preggo!)

Had Elise's Bachelorette weekend in Gatlinburg

Joined the Kroc Center and became obsessed with Zumba

Went to the beach with family:

Finished the exterior remodel:

Got pantry shelves (a life changer..)

Celebrated Elise and Nate at Gracie's shower:

Changed jobs within my school (yay!):

Hosted a bridal shower for Elise:

Went to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch with work:

Elise and Nate got married!

Beth and Brad welcomed Victoria Ridley Vaughan (Tori) to the world!

After a lengthy hunt, I found not only the chest of drawers I'd looked for, but a whole bedroom suite.. on Craig's List. For cheap!

We had our funnest day of school:

Had some fun out with friends:

I spent Fall Break visiting Tori:

And Tory:)

Carved pumpkins

Went downtown on a date night to the Grizz game:

Enjoyed fall's colors:

Went to Model UN and got to spend time with Elise!

Met Sirius, Luna's new brother:

Went to Knoxville and got cheese bings (among other things done there... not just eating cheese bings)

Visited Tori:

Cabin with the fam for Thanksgiving:

Christmas season came and flew by this year:

Went to my dad's Christmas concert:

And enjoyed the season with family and friends..

All in all, a great year. I'm very thankful...

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Happy New Year!! :)


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