Monday, January 13, 2014

{Life}: Packing my lunch...

When I taught in public schools, I took my lunch each day. Once I switched to my new job, I got in our meal plan. It was great! I didn't have to pack lunch, it was cheap, it was like a food court of options - I was in heaven. But for every day that I chose the nacho bar over the salad bar, a little piece of my healthy goal died.

So in December, I decided to start taking my lunch again. I prefer to not think of this as a New Year's Resolution, as I don't believe in those. I prefer to think of it as an adventure.

As a part of my "I'm a grown up and need to take care of my self" adventure, I've decided to scale back on eating out, cut out soda completely, and curb the alcohol, salt, fried foods, and sweets intake. I know this sounds like a New Year's Resolution but I promise it isn't. Because I don't believe in those, remember?

So naturally, when you're going to give something up*, you have it one more time... The night before break ended, we headed to Garabaldi's for one more pizza:

*and by give up I mean eat more sparingly and not get a 14inch for two people...

Monday, a week ago now, it was time for the packing of the lunch! We grocery shopped and planned for the week:

I'm going the small meal route, so I'm doing breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. This has been working really well for me because I'm not letting myself get hungry. After doing it for a week, I also noticed I don't feel exhausted after lunch, which was the norm before.

We also are meal-planning... so out with the pizza and in with the Mexico City Couscous!

So here I am, a week in. I can tell you I slipped up on Sunday and it felt awful. So hopefully this non-New Year's Resolution will be the adventure I'm hoping for and not another failed attempt!

In keeping it real,

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