Monday, October 19, 2009

A photo-based catch up.

A lot has happened in the past few days. Eventually I will get around to blogging about it all, which will include but not be limited to:

1) my thoughts on two Midtown eating establishments - Fresh Slices and Little Italy
2) my experience getting a flu shot and H1N1 mist (picture below is me on Thursday showing my bandaged arm proudly - this was before the nausea kicked in...more about that in my review of flu shots)

3) I voted in Thursday's Memphis Mayoral election. I don't know who else did though because the winning candidate had 64,000 votes.
4) Our story about closing on the house - also known as why it is important to make sure your name is right on your license. To spoil the surprise, yes we got the house. Here's me with the house and our sign right after closing.
5) Friday we packed up and, with the help of my brothers, my mom, and Jake's mom, moved. Friday night was our first night at the new house. We took the animals over. Tyson was hesitant about the move but did eventually warm up to the new place.
Beamer, however, instantly loved the new house because it had more room for him to run laps around the house. He has already claimed his spot on the ottoman and is fitting in well.
6) Also this weekend my brothers came in town. This was their fall break. Don't they look so collegiate?
7) The theme of this weekend was nothing going according to plan. It started on Saturday when Macy's delivered our mattress WET AND MOLDY - I will be blogging later about Macy's customer service and home delivery.. believe me. Also, we spent all day Saturday painting the living room and dining room in a lovely shade called Beeswax by Sherwin Williams that is the same color as our old living room/dining room. Sunday morning, I woke up to look at our final product only to notice that this was not a nice beeswax-y yellow but instead a lemon butter yellow. It turns out that SW paint store has TWO beeswax paint colors. The woman mixed us the wrong beeswax. Monday was spent re-painting. Here's where we are now with it:

And that is your photo preview of the fun we've been having!


Peter said...

Don't get me started on customer service. Arg! There is none!

Katydid said...

I once bought a mattress from them and never received it. It took me 3 months to get my money back.


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