Friday, October 30, 2009


** Photos courtesty of Sara Beth Raab at Southern Design Studio**
I'm going to be getting my wedding album soon from our wedding photographer and so I've been thinking a lot about pictures. I was browsing through my mom's picture albums from us growing up and thought about how much I loved going back and looking at pictures. I try to take a lot of pictures but lately have been bad about printing them. Last year, my hard drive died and I lost a lot of my music, files, and photos. I had a CD of photos I'd printed (about 170) to make into picture albums - luckily, I had decided to do this about 2 months before I lost my hard drive. Yet, I lost a lot of great pictures. If I lost my hard drive again right now, I'd be depressed because I have a lot of wedding photos taken with my camera on there. They aren't great since they are just candid ones that my friend took while we were running around but they are so fun to look at.
That's the problem with digital cameras - you take the pictures, they sit in your computer and you don't print them. I have a friend who is so amazing about sharing her pictures - she will print and snail mail photos from events to us. It makes me so happy to get them in the mail! I have another friend who is an amazing photographer and does it just for fun, taking pictures whereever she goes. She gave us a picture of the Camp Gailor Maxon tree for Christmas last year and it is one of my favorite things in the house.
I'm thinking about getting some pictures taken with Jake and our dogs but don't exactly want to fork out the money. Maybe instead I'll print the pictures I have taken over the past two years since I printed last time and will make an album.


Amy Dale (Amy Cox) said...

cousin, cousin, cousin...
you are a mess! :P

take all the files you have and get them printed at costco. they aren't the best prints, but for snapshots, no need to go all out on fine art paper. it's practically nothing to get them printed. stick 'em in an album by year/event/etc...
i still am working on this for my college years.


get a backup hard drive. one of the little USB powered passports would work great for you. they aren't very expensive. every month back up everything you have taken since the last month. that way you have a copy of everything if something goes bad and it's portable.

now, for me, i have 2-4 copies of everything. especially for business. i even have a safe deposit box in my bank that a full copy of everything stays in.

but even with personal stuff i have at least 2 copies. one is another hard drive and everything is backed up on DVDs.

and as far as those pics go with you and jake and the dogs, that can remedied. easily. hit me up sometime. i have a couple of spots left for my mini-sessions on nov. 14.

Katydid said...

If you decide you want some family picture taken, my friend Morgan Yen is very good, and will do some holiday pictures for very cheap.


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