Monday, June 28, 2010

Flooring... again?

So, here it is, late June and we still haven't received an estimate on the kitchen. Might be coming soon... which means we might start the kitchen before I go back to school. Awesome. I can't wait!! 

In the meantime, I've been fretting over numbers. Our appliances weren't cheap but I knew I wanted them and was ok paying for them. But what that means is the other areas of the kitchen need to be picked and chosen wisely. 

I've been lusting after cork flooring. The Kaiser rep is coming to our house to give us an estimate on it for our den and kitchen. It isn't too much sq. footage but I'm nervous. I really want it to look something like this, which I blogged about a while back here:

The above image from Country Living caught my eye as a good compromise between modern and country, which seems to be where I am in my style and design. 

But, realistically, I know it is good to have alternatives to price out. I just don't have any clue about prices of kitchen flooring. I have heard of stained and stamped concrete as an idea so I looked at some pictures of that. Here's a few I really liked:

All images are from google image search, saved to my computer over time... so I don't know whose they are but I like them! And I don't mean to steal them!

I like the look of stained concrete and wonder how expensive it is compared to the cork. I like cork better but this last picture is a bit of a compromise between the two ideas. 


Hilary Dow Ward said...

Our house in Lawrence had stained concrete throughout the entire first floor. It was awesome! so easy to clean, never showed wear/tear and is really functional. The only downside I found was that it makes your legs and feet tired if you stand on it for any lengthy period of time (Easter/Thanksgiving dinner). Other than that, it's awesome.
Do you know anything about the sub floor? Is there concrete already there?

princewins said...

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