Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A letter from Maxon

An open letter to my new family:

 Hi, family! I'm loving Camp Gailor Maxon. Ever since these nice counselors picked me up on the side of the highway in the marsh, I've been living the big life. I'm constantly being held:

 I'm becoming very social. I love playing. Playing with the campers, playing in the grass, playing at all.

 Mostly, though, I love people. I follow everyone around like their little shadow. I sit at their feet:

 Today, I went to the vet. The vet thinks I'm 8-10 weeks old. He said I was in good health, except for a quick de-worm that needed to happen. For a mountain puppy, I escaped homelessness pretty well off! I got all my shots and a flea/tick treatment. 

 I know how to climb stairs now and have more energy with each day I'm here. I've also found my voice and have started talking to everyone through yips and grunts. It is pretty amusing. 

 Mostly though, I'm just being the cutest dog ever. 

Love, Mountain Man Maxon

1 comment:

emwvaughan said...

Maxon is so cute! Did the vet have any guesses on what breed(s) he is?


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