Sunday, June 6, 2010

A week.

I've been at camp for a week now and this is my first break. Camp has gone well - we've had the first part of our staff week and our family camp session. Our staff is amazing and I'm so impressed with them. Our family camp was a blast and I didn't want it to end. Those kids were so adorable and their parents were really cool as well. Want to know what we did? Go to the Camp Gailor Maxon blog...

While I've been having a lot of fun, I've also been missing home a lot. I'm missing Jake, missing my brothers and parents, missing the doggies, missing the kitty. I'm also excited because we found out our appliances will be delivered MONDAY! That is 2 weeks earlier than they projected. 

And just for fun, a few pics of what's been going on here:

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