Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{Life}: Date Night.

A few weekends ago we decided to have a night in and do a date night around the house.

After a beautiful day spent outside, we headed over to gather our supplies for the dinner.

The Memphis Greenline

Blooming trees in our neighborhood

We stopped at our favorite, Muddy's Bake Shop, to get cupcakes for after our date night dinner. I got a Frankly Scarlett and Jake got the Cookies 'N Cream.

Then we headed over to Summer Avenue to go to Charlie's Meat Market. If you live in Memphis and you haven't gotten your meat at Charlie's, you're missing out. We get their filets - they are delicious and well priced.

Once home we did the civilized thing and started with a cheese and wine course.

Havarti and Cheddar. #yum

Then Jake fired up the grill while I made the potatoes. Jake got his new grill for Christmas (thanks parentals) and he had been itching to use it.

We made smashed potatoes (you take new potatoes, put them on an oiled cookie sheet, smush them, brush with olive oil, and top with rosemary, salt, and pepper). We used red potatoes instead of new potatoes and they were fine but a bit too much potato for me - I'd stick to new potatoes.

You can see below that the potato smushes on top but the bottom stays in tact so they make little potato  bunches for people's plate. We also had steamed green beans.

It was very good - someone was jealous:

After dinner we took our cupcakes and wine outside to the patio where we had our second fire of the year. We love our fire pit and chairs!

I'm all about a date night, especially one spent intentionally together, doing what we love - cooking, eating cupcakes, and sitting by the fire. I'm one lucky girl.

In marriage and cupcakes,

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