Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{House}: A Fabric Project for Mom.

My mom is redoing her master bedroom, including {finally} painting the bedroom and adding in roman shades and some other details. They had two club chairs that they moved downstairs in favor of smaller, different chairs. My mom found a pair of chairs at our favorite antique mall (Antique Warehouse on Summer) and wanted to have them recovered.

And now you see why they are repainting the room- the red was classy but its time has come. This painting is one of three my parents have at their house by the artist Greg Gustafson. She wants to use the tons of this painting to guide the room's decor.

As you can see, she's looking at turquoise, olive, and brown as her tones. So we headed out to Johnson's Fabric in Bartlett (off Bartlett Blvd by the athletic fields) to check out upholstery fabric on the cheap cheap. I had never been to Johnson's Fabric so I was in for a treat!

Johnson's Fabric doesn't look huge but once you get inside you see that they have a great selection and their prices are really reasonable. We walked around and snapped pictures of the ones we liked (the best part is the pictures were in order so we could remember where they were based on when we took it).

This was the first fabric we saw - we loved the colors (they were perfect) but the shimmer of it was a bit too feminine.

The stripes were next. Ideal colors, but too masculine.

This dot was one of our favorites.

This tweed wasn't my favorite but my mom liked it - it was similar to one her designer had picked.

Another dot type:

My absolute favorite fabric:

This picture came out kind of weird but it was olive with brown dots.

And of course I snapped a few pictures of things I loved just for myself...

In the end we got samples for a few of the fabrics to try in the actual room.

It is always a good idea to take the fabric into the actual room to look at lighting in situ. Turns out that most of our green in the fabrics were too yellow-green to match the existing headboard and the blue was too bright. The one that looked perfect? The brown dot on the left. It was the winner!

My mom has also decided to use the swirly fabric (below) that I fell in love with for the guest bedroom redo that she's doing next. Good choice.

Now she's got the chairs off at the re-upholsterer's shop - can't wait to share the finished product!

In fabric and fun,
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