Tuesday, April 2, 2013

{Shopping}: IKEA adventure 2013.

While we were down in Atlanta for Easter weekend, we had to hit up IKEA (of course). I've written about my previous adventures at IKEA here (Dec 2010) and here (July 2012). Those Scandinavians are crazy and I love it. Just walking through the showroom is inspiration for both beauty and function.

This year's adventure was just as fun as always - and Jake even was game to come along!

We started off walking through the showroom. I snapped pictures of the things that I liked...

This kitchen cart (spoiler alert, I got one) used as a side table was super cute:

I loved this outdoor scene:

As well as this one...

This coffee table, metal on casters, was super cool in an AV-cart kind of way:

I also loved these folding chairs (they had several colors). I thought they would be fun for spare chairs:

I loved the idea of using two table runners going short-ways:

They also had these hilarious finger-puppets that I thought were so fun:

I always love seeing their prints - these two in particular stood out to me:

 Their bedding usually isn't my favorite but I loved this set up:

And these orange gingham kitchen towels used as place mats were so cute I had to make them mine:

Here's another bedding set I loved. I actually tried to buy this yellow duvet to go in our bedroom but it was all sold out:

Here it is on the website - you can see that it is a subtle yellow and white stripe. It is available for purchase off the website but the shipping is $30... so not worth it.

We also were on the hunt for shelves for our pantry. We liked this set, the IVAR, but they were expensive and crazy to figure out what pieces you need (it came as all different parts that you bought separately).

We ended up buying the much less expensive GORM unit, which is what Jake looks so excited about in the first picture:
We ended up walking away with the shelves, the orange gingham napkins, a picture ledge (more to come on that), a melamine serving tray, and the kitchen cart that I've been lusting after for over a year...


And we have already assembled it and it is in use in our kitchen!

And here's where Jake wins husband of the year. After driving 6 hours home, Jake put together my cart using those silly little IKEA tools. 

Here's how it looks in the kitchen! I love that I've gotten more stuff off the counters:

Here's to another successful IKEA trip! I'm already dreaming about what I can get next time...

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Unknown said...

oh i've been lusting after that kitchen cart for a year now too! lucky you!

andrea said...

oh, i love the kitchen cart! the color looks fabulous in your kitchen. i'm taking my first trip to ikea on saturday (i even blogged about my countdown and plans today!) and i simply can. not. wait!!!!! =)


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