Monday, July 16, 2012

{Shopping}: IKEA 2012!

My trip down to Atlanta meant that I got to experience IKEA for the third time in my life. After going a year and a half ago (blogged here), I couldn't wait to get back. While last trip was marked with excitement over kitchen stuff, I didn't really have any objectives of this trip other than a shelf for above the fridge. That meant I could just soak it in, love the design, and calmly pour over all of the innovation.

Beth and I decided to go to IKEA on Monday night after she got off of work. Best decision ever. It was not crowded at all (versus going on a Saturday and it being sheer mania) and we got to mosey through the various displays.

The design of the shopping experience at IKEA is sheer brilliance. When you walk in, you can either cut directly to the floor with all the products or you can head up to the showroom floor where you see rows and rows of rooms set up with all of their products so you can visualize everything and how it fits together. It is like being in a real life magazine catalog.

One thing I love about IKEA design is how it utilizes every given space. For instance, many would put one large print on this wall and be done but IKEA makes a gallery wall. I love that and want to try something similar in my house.

I also love all of the storage ideas that are design based at IKEA. Proves being organized doesn't have to be ugly. This room very much reminded me of my buddy Eric. It screamed his taste.

Since IKEA sells everything from furniture to bedding to kitchenware to fabric, it is really fun that they fill their displays with their own products so you can see them in action. I loved this table setting and could see myself using it for a shower or girly party. I also like that it shows that one pink plate per setting and a set of cloth napkins can change white dishes into something girly.

This little bathroom display called to me as well. Mostly because I hate our vanities and sinks. I love the furniture look that is so trendy with bathrooms right now and love the open shelving as an element in a bathroom.

Down on the bottom floor with all the merchandise I had to restrain from buying things I didn't need (and couldn't afford or fit in the car). I loved this potting bench/outdoor shelf. I could totally see it on a fab balcony in NYC.

I also love IKEA's kitchenware. Everything is cute, functional, and priced low.

I love IKEA's furniture and find something new to lust after each time I'm there. This little cabinet was super cute and functional. I could see it as an entry console with a resting place for keys and mail on top and stuff hidden inside. Or even a cabinet for towels and toiletries in a hall outside a small bathroom.

I also love that IKEA sells large numbers of everything. Take these trivets - there were hundreds of them. And yet I've been to IKEA (after Christmas during a sale) when this wall would have been barren because people just buy this stuff up!

At the registers there is an area where you can buy food. I took that as an opportunity to take some "artistic" pictures:

But we really did buy the meatballs. I had eaten them once (my first trip to IKEA, which was with Eric) and have craved them ever since. We didn't have time to eat in the restaurant so we bought these and had them for dinner on Wednesday.

Finally it was time to check out. Here I am with my loot:

And here's Beth!

And here's what I got:

From left to right - three wooden brackets for creating a shelf above the fridge, cloth basket to use for serving rolls at dinner, two rubber trivets, moose shaped pasta (I love shape pasta!), popsicle molds, coasters, and four melamine trays to use when we eat outdoors.

I'd say that I did a good job of restraining myself! I love what I got and satisfied my IKEA need for another year. I sense a trip coming in 2013 that will be a blow-out as we work on the guest room and continue organizing closets and pantries. Ah, I do love a good IKEA trip. Thanks for being my IKEA buddy, Beth!

In those crazy Swedes,
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