Saturday, July 28, 2012

{Travel}: YAM's Canoe Trip.

I have a great group of friends through my young adult group at church (YAMs = Young Adult Ministry) and every year we take a trip to the Spring River in Hardy, Arkansas. One of the families in our parish has a house and we take over for the weekend, canoe, float, cook, play (intense) games, and hang out.

Last weekend I hit the road with some of my great friends and had a blast.

We got in late Friday night after a long day at work and just enjoyed catching up and playing games.

Then got up early (too early when you only get 4 hours of sleep!) for a homemade breakfast, some sunscreen slathering, and heading down to the river!

Our view from the Skyhigh cabin - the river is down below. The wonderful family that lets us crash their vaca house for the weekend owns a spot on the river where they have a dock.

I spent most of Saturday floating on the river by the dock - I elected not to canoe (and was very glad to do so) but most of the YAMs canoed and report it was fun.

Once we got back we played lots and lots of Mexican Train Dominos:

I had never played any type of dominos and got addicted very quickly. We spent most of the night playing dominos.

We also ate very well this weekend - here's a cheese, cracker, and fruit platter Gabriella constructed:

We had a Saturday evening Eucharist outside with Brie playing guitar. It was so nice.

What a wonderful weekend with great friends. I'm so glad I went and that I'm a part of this fabulous group of young adults!

Shameless promotion: If anyone is looking for an Episcopal church to call home, check out Calvary Episcopal Church in Downtown Memphis. I love my church and the people that I share it with!

In sun-soaked river weekends,
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